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Bob Jordan

Bob Jordan

Meet Bob Jordan


Bob is a Sales, Marketing and Operations executive with +25 years of experience branding and commercializing goods and services for companies from the Fortune 50 (Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Fleetwood Enterprises) to venture-backed start-ups (Camping.com, Accuform I-9).

He brings a very rare and unique blend of insight, skills, and expertise gained from the working with both the Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial enterprises. His expertise spans multiple industries.

As a strategist and visionary, Bob has created plans for multiple companies to grow their existing channels of business, while identifying new, easy-to-enter channels of business, which increase overall company revenues and profits.

As a facilitator and teacher, Bob is able to bring our the best in work teams, inspiring them to achieve great things.

Constantly Challenging the Status Quo

Bob embraces change. As he is fond of saying, “if you don’t adapt, you die.”

He is blessed with the ability to see things that others don’t. He can make the complex appear simple. Bold, insightful, challenging and perceptive, Bob helps clients connect the dots between where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.

To Bob, “good enough, never is.”

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What Client’s say

We should have hired Navigator a year before we actually did.  Navigator would have saved our company $10 million dollars in that year.

Board Chairman
Manufacturing Goods

Bob Jordan, we should have made you our company President.  You had that big of an impact.

Manufacturing firm

Navigator strategies and plans work.  We never could have done this on our own.

Software Company

Navigator identified a billion dollar business opportunity…how come we didn’t see this?!

VP – Marketing
Manufacturing Goods